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Our Products

Luminati thermal film is available in clear and color strips and rolls. Luminati Clear film products provide the added advantage of allowing the colorist to watch the hi lift coloring processing. All Luminati products share the performance characteristics listed below:

  • Washable and reusable, providing you with a more cost-effective solution

  • Unique thermal properties provide better, faster processing times on hi lift and coloring applications

  • More even and consistent lift from root to ends

  • Non-slip properties keep film tighter to root area reducing bleeding when applying

  • Professional film encapsulates the majority of ammonia and peroxide fumes

  • Manufactured with up to 80% recycled materials

  • Endorsed by major color manufacturers

Luminati thermal films were designed to stay progressive with the color trends in the industry without compromising the performance of hi lift or color application. They deliver innovation, exclusivity to the hair industry, but, most of all, the guarantee of high performance and efficiency.

Without compromising bespoke and luxurious experiences in salons worldwide, our unique coloring film has been indorsed by major color manufacturers.

Luminati Clear Coloring Film

Clear Roll with Dispenser 5" x 150' (LUMICLEAR150FILM)
Clear Strips 3.75" x 12" 150 count (LUMICLEAR12FILM)

Luminati Opaque Coloring Film 

3.75 x 8" Strip Blue 200 count (LUMIOPAQ8BLFILM)

3.75 x 8" Strip Silver 200 count (LUMIOPAQ8SLFILM)

3.75 x 12" Strip White 150 count (LUMIOPAQ12WTFILM)
3.75 x 12" Strip Silver 150 count (LUMIOPAQ12SLFILM)
3.75 x 12" Strip Blue 150 count (LUMIOPAQ12BLFILM)

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